Transportation of goods

AGROL provides domestic and international transport services. The company provides the highest standard of service, which confirms our GMP + B.4 certificate.

We have a high quality rolling stock consisting of DAF and Scania tractor units that meet EURO 5 standards and tippers and semitrailers with movable floor.

Particularly interesting are the semi-trailer with moving floor and the loading and unloading technique used by them.

The trailer has parameters similar to the tarpaulin and they are:

  • Capacity – 92 m³
  • Length – 1 365 cm
  • Width – 248 cm
  • Height – 260-275 cm

This is a rigid semi-trailer with a movable floor. It is designed for the transport of bulk goods such as agricultural produce, sawdust, bark, chipped wood (chips), granules, bulk fertilizers and Big-Bag packagings, goods on pallets loaded from behind, long goods loaded with crane (loading from above) wooden beams, steel, steel structures.

Apart from semi-trailers with movable floor we have dump trucks with a capacity of 40-50 m³ adapted for transport of agricultural crops, equipped with chute and dusting sleeves. Thanks to the lightweight construction, they have a capacity of 26 to 27 tonnes.
We invite you to use our services.