Beside wholesale cereals we offer a wide range of fertilizers of domestic and foreign origin.


Our offer includes:


1. Nitrogenous fertilizers:  

  • saletrzak
  • saltpete
  • Saletrosan
  • ammonium sulphate
  • urea

2. In the case of multi-component fertilizers we have the products of the following manufacturers: 

  • Chemical Plant Police S.A.
  • Phosphates Puławy Group
  • Luvena S. A.
  • Chemical Plant Siarkopol Tarnobrzeg Sp. z o. o.

3. Calcium fertilizers of well-known domestic producers.

We sell only in full truck quantities. We sell in bulk or packaged in BIG-BAG bags.

For more information on our products, terms of delivery and price offer, please contact us directly in the hanld department.